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The Ukrainian Health Ministry press service said on Monday (21.12.2009) that “A five-day-long heavy snowfall caused 27 weather-related deaths” (People’s Daily Online)  This news has reiminded me of the cold I experienced during my two year stay in Kramatorsk, a city in Donetska oblast in eastern Ukraine.  I experienced some cold winters in housing that led me to see my breath while lying in bed.  The heating in my apartment and in the apartment of several friends was very limited so we wore sweaters, pants and socks to bed.  I worry even more for the elderly and the young.

I hope only the best for those living in Ukraine now.  It was last week that almost 400 cars were stranded on a highway between Kherson and Nikolayev in western Ukraine (ITAR-TASS).  It has been a tough winter and I hope the best for those living in and visiting Ukraine.


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