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Taxis in Amman

(07.12.2009) Most of the taxis that I’ve ridden in during my stay in Amman have been wonderful.  The drivers have held conversation with me despite the enormous language barriers.  Even with the difficulties they never showed signs of frustration.

Today Thomas (a Swede that I met in Amman), RJ (an American studying in Tunisia) and I grabbed a taxi from the Mecca Mall to the Jet bus station.  Ina nice car he took us to the Jet station so that we could check on tickets to our three different destinations.  He said that he would wait for us as we went inside to gather our tickets and information.

When we returned from the ticket counter he had acquired chocolates and crackers for us to munch on during the remainder of our travel back to the hostel.  On this trip he stopped to pick up some coffee for himself offering each of us a cup.  Thomas and RJ declined while the driver and I sipped our cups.

When we arrived at our destination for the driver rounded the fare down to the dinar.  Needless to say the driver received a pleasant tip while we took his number.  This was just one of the many pleasantries experienced during my stay in Jordan.


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